A LOOK AHEAD at next season's RESOURCES

Lent Madness:

Are you ready for LENT MADNESS?! Created by the Rev. Tim Schenck, this is a lighthearted and (secretly educational) way for families and congregations to engage with the Episcopal Church’s Calendar of Saints. Structured like the NCAA’s March Madness elimination brackets, Lent Madness works through 32 saints until the winner of the “Golden Halo” is left standing. Play along! Resources can be found at www.lentmadness.org.


Society of Saint John the Evangelist’s “Signs of Life:”

How does the Episcopal Church connect its ancient practices and eternal messages about God’s love   with the world in light of our contemporary longings, divisions, and loneliness? Signs of Life from the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (a monastic community in the Anglican Episcopal tradition) seeks answers to this question in the practices of worship and the worship spaces themselves. This five-week offering is free to individuals and groups, and can be found at www.signsoflife.org.


Way of Love Lenten Resources:

Lent is a fantastic season to begin an intentional study of Presiding Bishop Curry’s Way of Love lessons and studies; the “turn” section in particular speaks to the themes of the season. Our Presiding Bishop has asked that we take up this Rule of Life as part of our role as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. The resources pages of the Episcopal Church at www.episcopalchurch.org/way-of-love and on the Forma website at forma.church/way-of-love-/ include propers, bible study, and videos you can share in your family, friends, and parish.


Make Room – A Child’s Guide to Lent & Easter by Laura Alary:

“This is the season of Lent. The church is dressed in purple…”

A beautiful primer about the Lenten and Easter seasons that’s geared for elementary-age children, this book is split into sections that you could read with children from week to week (as a Christian Formation Leader) or together as a family. An excellent introduction to these holy days in the Christian calendar, this book also guides and instills spiritual practices appropriate for young children from visual reminders to internal reflection.

Paris Ball's Top 10 Lenten Resources in 2020:


Our first 2020 Webinar was with Paris Ball, on Lenten Resources!

Her recommendations are linked in the document on this page.

Exploring more information about Saint Nicholas
A Guide for Preparing Your Worship Space for Guests

Christmas often brings many new visitors to our congregations. Read this article from Build Faith to begin your consideration of how to welcome those guests fully into your worship experience.

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Epiphany

This is an old article, but the ideas remain relevant and interesting. Epiphany is long this year, so maybe you can try on several of these fresh ideas for celebrating the season!

Put on an Epiphany Play!

This link includes a number of both Christmas as well as Epiphany skits that would be simple for a congregation to take on (note – is not free)

Chalk the Door for Epiphany!
Make an Epiphany Word Tree!